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Is anyone on the waiting list for nhs funded IVF?

Posted by: Kirsty28 - 8 Sep 12 09:09

Seems this is a postcode lottery in Scotland.

After numerous hospital appointments in the last year we finally had our first appointment at Ninewells today to be told its a 3 years waiting list for nhs funded treatment. I knew about the waiting list but never knew it would be this long. Very gutted to be honest after ttc for 4 years.

How long did you wait?

Thanks for any info, Kirsty x

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Hi Kirsty 

I'm paying for treatment privately at Glasgow Royal but I know that the waiting list for nhs funded treatment in greater Glasgow and clyde and ayrshire and arran is 2 years but for Lanarkshire it's 12months, or so said a poster in one of their treatment rooms. Hope yours comes sooner x

Posted by: Becky7671 - 7 Sep 12 08:09

Hi Kirsty

I'm afraid that I am a southerner, so no specific experience of Scotland.  However I recall the frustration of waiting for a first appointment only to be told that basically that appointment was to let us know we were going to be placed on a 2 year waiting list.  As our PCT required that you have 4 cycles of IUI treatment before they would give you that appointment the effect was to make it a 2.5 year waiting list, so not too different from you.

The good news for us was that after a year on the waiting list we got a call to say that our PCT had put in extra funding that had halved the waiting list, and so we actually only waited a year to start treatment.  I think that is fairly unusual but it did happen to me, so I will keep fingers crossed that a similar miracle occurs north of the border.

I don't know how old you are, but is it worth looking at clinics that do egg share as that can significantly reduce the cost of private treatment?  You would have to be under 35 I think though.  Maybe I am living in lala land because I live in London where there is a much wider choice of clinic and pretty good transport links so there is quite a bit of flexibility, but with a 3 year waiting list it might be worth seeing what you can find slightly further afield, particularly if the wait is going to take a heavy toll on your emotions (it would have done for me!).

Good luck.


Posted by: Askew101 - 8 Sep 12 09:09

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