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AMH Levels

Posted by: Relly33 - 25 Nov 13 11:11

Hi there

I was just wondering if anyone knew much about AMH levels.  I have recently been tested and my level came back as 8....the nurse said it was a little low but about right for my age (I am 34).  After using Dr Google, I am now worried sick after reading my level is low and I have low ovarian reserve.  Does this now mean I wont be able to get pregnant or it will affect things if I go for IVF? I am so worried...the nurse at my clinic didnt seem too phased but all I read is terrible things.  Part of me wishes I have never looked online as this has made me very upset. A few kind and helpful words of assurance would be great right now.  Thank you x x

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Sadly counsellors are not medically qualified, you are welcome to speak with Diane on the Advice Line and we always suggest firstly discussing your results with a doctor or nurse at your clinic who will use your AMH in conjunction with other test results.


Volunteer Counsellor

Posted by: Tracey Sainsbury - Volunteer Counsellor - 3 Dec 13 09:12

Hi Reilly33.  I have been asked to reply to your question regarding AMH levels.  A reading of 8 does come into the “low fertility” range.  This will mean that if you decide to go for IVF treatment, then your consultant may offer you a “short” protocol instead of the standard “long” one, in order to work with your own hormones and to protect your ovaries.  I would hope that at your age it could be higher reading, but it is quite “useable”.  I wish you well with the eventual outcome.  Kind regards Diane

Posted by: Diane - Supportline - 6 Dec 13 01:12

thank you for  both your answers.  I have my next appt with my fertility doctor in January so will ask more questions then as so far I have only spoken with the nurses.  You've been really helpful x x

Posted by: Relly33 - 10 Dec 13 07:12

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