Infertility Network UK Factsheets A - Z


Adoption from Abroad    Lifestyle & Fertility Issues for Men
Adoption in the UK   Male Infertility
Alternative Medicine   Oocyte (Egg) Donation
Artificial Insemination & IUI   Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS)

1. Asherman's Syndrome

2. Asherman's Association Leaflet

  Ovulation Defects
Chlamydia   Ovulation Predictor Kits
Chlamydia in Northern Ireland   Placental Insufficiency
Choosing a Clinic   Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Conception Tips   Pre-Conceptual Care 
Coping Strategies   Pregnancy Loss
Counselling   Premature Ovarian Failure
Cryopreservation in Assisted Conception   Problems with Cervical Mucus
Cystic Fibrosis & Infertility in Men   Quick Guide to Male Infertility
Dietary Information   Recurrent Miscarriage
Donor Embryos   Reversal of Sterilisation

Donor Insemination

  Secondary Infertility
Drugs used in Treatment   Selective Salpingography
Ectopic Pregnancy   Semen Analysis
Emotional Impact of Infertility for Men   Setting up a Local peer led Support Group

Setting up local support group as a professional

Employment Issues   SET Patient Factsheet

SET Patient Factsheet (Scotland)

Employment - Time off for Treatment   SET Health Professional Factsheet

SET Health Professional Factsheet (Scotland)


Sperm DNA Damage & its Implications for Success  in Fertility Treatment 

Families, Parents, Friends & Colleagues  

Stress & Infertility

Fertility in the Older Woman  



Treatment Overseas

Fundraising Pack    

The Miscarriage Association


Tubal Damage & Tubal Surgery

Glossary   Unexplained Infertility
ICSI & Sperm Retrieval   Vasectomy Reversal
Immunology - HFEA Updated Information     
  IVF & Embryo Transfer      
  Infertility & Sex      
  Investigations into Infertility