Decision on the outcome of the consultation on the transfer of HFEA and HTA functions

The full details of the DH/Government response is on the DH Website:

We are not intending, at this time, to pursue the proposed transfer of functions to the Care Quality Commission and Health Research Authority but will be seeking further efficiencies in the way HFEA and HTA operate. A clear message from the consultation replies was that a review on these lines should be undertaken. This will assess and make recommendations on:

  • the scope to streamline the way in which the two bodies undertake their regulatory and statutory functions, including through joint working, sharing resources and information, and working more closely with other health sector regulators     
  • the scope to reduce and rationalise the burden of inspection, information collection and process of research approvals that falls on the regulated sector, without compromising the safeguards in the respective Acts;
  • the scope for shared Authority membership and leadership, and of a merger of the two      bodies.  

The Department has asked Justin McCracken, the Chief Executive of the Health Protection Agency, to undertake this review. It will begin immediately and he will report to Ministers in April. Justin will be in touch with you very shortly to arrange to discuss the key issues, which will inform his reading of the evidence gathered through the consultation and the key considerations of public body reform.

Justin can be contacted directly on or  The DH Tissue, Embryology & Donation policy team will be providing a secretariat for the review. You can contact them through or

Ted Webb, Deputy Director Health Science and Bioethics Department of Health Tel: +44 (0) 20 7972 4553 Mob: +44 (0) 7789 653461