Single Embryo Transfer (SET)

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is the independent regulator of fertility treatment in the UK. In January 2009, following an expert group report and public consultation, the HFEA introduced a policy for single embryo transfer in order to minimise the risk of multiple pregnancies with the overall aim of reducing the UK IVF multiple birth rate to 10%. Single embryo transfer is the best treatment option and the reasons for this are explained in full on the One at a Time website.

The introduction of elective single embryo transfer (eSET) has highlighted the requirement to offer three full cycles of ART since data has confirmed that success rates are not significantly reduced and multiple pregnancies minimised where this approach is adopted.

SET Patient Factsheet

SET Patient Factsheet (Scotland)

SET Health Professional Factsheet

SET Health Professional Factsheet (Scotland)