Kate Brian

 Regional Organiser London & South East

I am delighted to be back with Infertility Network UK as the Regional Organiser for London and the South East after two years away from the job.  It is lovely to return to the role, and I have enjoyed learning about the exciting changes and developments since I was last at the charity.  Most of all, it is good to have the opportunity to work with such a great team of colleagues again - I really missed them all! Read More

Infertility Network England

We are currently looking for funding to allow us to expand the regional network in England and Wales.  Our work in both Scotland and Northern Ireland, where we receive funding to help provide regional staff, has been hugely successful and we would love to replicate this success by expanding our network of staff.  The advantages of having locally based staff to set up and run support groups, give information and support at a local level have proved significant, helping on all levels to overcome the feelings of isolation often felt when you discover you have fertility problems.

Until the time that we have more regional staff, head office staff are always available to provide information on issues in England email us or ring our Helpline.  If you are finding it difficult to access NHS funding, the information on our NHS Funding section includes details of the current funding situation in England.

Are you looking for a clinic?  Visit the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority website to find a clinic or find out more about support groups in your local area.