Gwenda Burns

Scottish Branch Coordinator 

I joined the charity in 2009 and have been kept
extremely busy since that time and have thoroughly enjoyed
every minute of it. More Detail

Lauren Griffiths

Development Worker North East Scotland

Norma Whiteford

Development Worker South West Scotland 

I am delighted to have joined the team at I N UK as a Development Worker for North East Scotland. I am a trained nurse and previously specialised within fertility and surgical nursing. More Detail I joined  IN UK in July 2012.  I work as a Development Worker in the South west of Scotland. Prior to this I worked in the Pharmaceutical  industry. More Detail 

Infertility Network Scotland

Infertility Network Scotland is the first branch of Infertility Network UK.

We are very proud of Infertility Network Scotland: it has its own identity but offers all the services of Infertility Network UK - the best of both worlds.  We know what it's like to discover you may need help to conceive, and we understand the feelings of fear, guilt, anger, shock and even at times shame felt by the majority of those who find they are facing fertility problems.  Our Scottish staff can provide you  with support and a safe environment for you to chat and share experiences, as well as with appropriate and up to date information on local services - a lifeline when you don't know where else to turn. We hold annual information events where our staff, patients, exhibitors and professionals can come together and where the talks by health professionals and the extensive exhibition area gives you access to information not easily available anywhere else. 

Isolation can be a huge problem for patients and we can help remove the feelings of isolation - just by talking to us, or through our volunteer network or local support groups can help you realise that this is not just happening to you, that there are others out there who face the same issues and struggle with the same feelings. Find out more about support groups  or get in touch with one of our Scottish team via the links above and if there is no local support group in your area, we can help set one up. If you are looking for a clinic in Scotland visit the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority website.

Health Board Project

The Scottish Government asked Infertility Network Scotland to work with Health Boards in Scotland to assess the current provision of fertility services, what criteria are being applied and what each Health Board funds. As part of the project we provide vital patient representation and share good practice, as well as finding ways to implement the current recommendations on the provision of infertility services in Scotland and provide you with the most up to date information on fertility services in your local area.

Education Project

Our education project is the first of its kind anywhere in the UK. Funded again by the Scottish Government, it provides fertility education and awareness through universities, via the GP network and in the workplace. Little has been done to educate people about their fertility – and there is much to do! Most people have no idea how fertile they are and give it little thought until much later when they decide they want children. 

This project helps answer questions including:

  • What is the impact of lifestyle choices on fertility
  • How to protect your fertility
  • When does fertility decline

The message is clear: your fertility is precious! So the more you understand it, the better.  See how we are getting that message out on our Scottish Education Project Page.

National Fertility Awareness Week 2014

National Fertility Awareness Week this year will take place between Oct 27 – Nov 2nd 2014.  Leading up to the awareness week Gwenda Burns, Michele Binnie and 8 other brave volunteers have signed up to do a Zip Line over the River Clyde in Glasgow which is 150ft high and 1000ft across. We will post further details of our just giving page in due course.  We would like to encourage everyone in Scotland to get involved in some way; there are lots of ideas of how you can be a part of NFAW just click here to find out how. You can do something fun whilst helping raise awareness about the impact of fertility problems and help raise much needed funds to help support the 3.5 million affected in some way. Even if you’re not directly affected, chances are you will know someone, work with someone, or be friends with someone who is. And that’s a lot of people who are touched in some way by fertility issues and need our help.



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